Flipside: Not Just Another Bar

To be exact, it’s the first vinyl bar in Beirut and the Middle-East. Vinyl is witnessing a massive comeback driven by collectors and DJ’s of all kind from New York to Moscow, through London town and… Why not? Beirut!

At Flipside, their 10,000 strong collection includes the finest from any kind of music one can think of, ranging from jazz, blues, soul, funk and disco to old school hiphop, triphop, breaks and electro, all patiently collected by our resident DJ’s throughout the years.

Flipside aims at celebrating quality music and bringing it back to the forefront of nightlife where people actually listen and appreciate the tracks we play. They would also like to contribute to the vinyl revival in Beirut and the region by promoting our unique concept, inviting vinyl DJ’s to perform, and in the long run by teaching young DJ’s to manipulate vinyl.

Along with their resident DJs, Flipside has hosted guest DJs from around the globe including Norway, UK, France, US, Jordan. Record mania is indeed contagious and the experience is inviting.

Pass by for a drink and a spin! Catch you on the flipside!

Who goes there? The Flipside crowd is a varied bunch of people. On one hand the regular bar hoppers interested by our venue while strolling through Mar Mikhail, and on another we have an eclectic mix of music lovers and local artists interested by our weekly thematic events (Monday’s Hiphop Reunion, Ceasar K’s Sounds from the 808 – electro, Cat’s Get on Your Good Foot – soul, funk), together generating great vibes and energy.

What you can eat while enjoying? In addition to all the traditional cocktails, the Flipside menu includes signatures drinks and concoctions put together by our bartenders. The Flipside cocktails, in their names and ingredients, stem from the vinyl culture than defines the place in its tiniest details.

We have also started the “Special Cocktail” nights on Sundays with guest bartenders, which was kicked off with a signature Flipside Sangria.