Fiona’s: An Italian Treat in Saifi

One of Beirut’s fine restaurants that is a great venue for all seasons is Fiona’s. Located in Saifi, Fiona’s is a delicious and cozy Italian restaurant with its own unique style and taste.

The indoor area is spacious enough for comfort but snug enough for an intimate feel. Its décor is elegant and cozy with warm colors, and its stone-covered walls and comfortable cushions create a homey feeling and a very relaxed dining experience.

The outdoor seating area is very fresh and relaxing; with umbrellas providing shade to each table and hanging flower pots adding colorful touches here and there. The terrace is surrounded by buildings, providing enough shade and a refreshing breeze to those enjoying their lunch or dinner outside.

The food itself is very tasty. For your starter you can order the light, mouthwatering bruschetta or a bresaola salad with fresh ruccola and a balsamic dressing or a delicious grilled calamari salad lightly garnished with some mixed greens. For your main dish, try the porcini or truffle risotto which are both absolutely delicious, or the succulent grilled beef filet. Ending your meal with Fiona’s delectably rich and creamy tiramisu is a must. Enjoy a nice bottle of Chianti red wine or a Gavi di Gavi white wine.

The staff is very helpful, punctual, and professional. Although the salad and entrée portions are somewhat small, the main courses and desserts are filling. The food ingredients are very fresh and the presentation is appealing.

Fiona’s is a very popular venue among Beirut’s social crowd and you are always bound to run into someone you know there. Whether it’s lunch or dinner time, you can enjoy an appetizing meal with your family or a cool group of friends – this crowd-pleaser won’t disappoint!

Dress code is casual or smart casual.

Price per person including drinks is approximately 60 USD.

Rating: 4/5

For reservation:  +961 1 985825

If you have been to Fiona’s, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and how you think the venue can improve.