Filigrane: Concept store and Fil de Thé

Located on Monot Street, Filigrane Concept Store is a recently established venue that is founded on the original family enterprise of unique home linen by the finest local handcraft. Filigrane home linen, founded by Josette Dahdah, is recognized by the most famous French houses in Paris and has successfully expanded throughout the world, particularly in the region. The store space is filled with a diverse range of items which are constantly renewed with designs and colors often adapted to meet personalized client requests. The store relies upon the local talent of Lebanese women to create this line of luxurious yet traditional high end products. Filigrane Concept Store offers clientele the opportunity to select from a charming collection of items such as: bed linen, towels and accessories for babies.

A complimentary fusion of store and tea room can be found in this intimate establishment. Fil de Thé, a casual yet delicately refined tea room, allows one to enjoy the pleasures of casual socializing whilst indulging in a nice cup of tea and a muffin. If you’re feeling a little bit peckish, there are a number of dishes available for lunch including their delicious home-made quiche. The kitchen is ready to create any special dishes upon request for private functions and gatherings.

The interior, designed by Yolla Maria, is simple and comfortably down to earth. One can enjoy time-out alone or share an enjoyable break in the company of friends and family. Fil de Thé offers a unique series of activities and events all year long including the chance to enhance your social skills in dining etiquette. A number of artistic workshops are available should you feel the urge to get creative. The tea room introduces their very own fortune teller, who makes an appearance every Thursday, to add a further touch of originality to the venue.

This family run store and tea room, developed by co-owner Youmna Jureidini, combines the two things ladies love most: shopping and refreshments. If you’re looking to satisfy your shopping urge and stimulate your palette, this comfortable and inviting venue is well worth the visit. The relaxed, informal setting and close nit staff provide that warm, familial vibe that will suit any person looking for a place to unwind. A morning coffee at Fil de Thé, is a highly pleasant way of starting the day.