February 30: Alice in Wonderland Meets Amsterdam in Hamra

For quite a while now, Hamra has been a hotspot for bars and restaurants alike, luring in locals and tourists to what people call a “chill, laid back atmosphere.” I for one have always loved the venues in this area, but never felt that one truly stood out above the rest till February 30 opened a few weeks ago.

Right on the entrance of Hamra’s infamous Alleyway, February 30 truly stands out with its size, music and certainly its décor. The venue’s owners, along with Creative Lab, worked on a concept I’ve personally never seen before, where everything is topsy-turvy and you feel as though your world’s been turned upside down. There’s no couch or bar stool like the other. One bar stool could be boasting women’s legs while another could be a moped. Chairs and tables also have no specific direction, with some hanging from the ceiling, some from the walls and others of course standing upright from the ground, but each in a unique color, design and style. Shelves are crooked, photo frames are something out of the ordinary; doors and windows are diagonal and horizontal while some aren’t even on the walls. In the WC, a bathtub replaces the sink. Outdoors, you are engulfed in a dream-like setting, surrounded by bizarre furniture on one end and Alice in Wonderland inspired painted walls on the other. To make a long story short, picture yourself in Amsterdam, where nothing is making sense to you, or in a scene from Alice in wonderland, where reality blends with your imagination to form an absolutely magical world.

As your eyes are enjoying the setting around you, your ears can enjoy the tasteful mix of music that slowly channels your mood into a happier place. Whether you’re there for dinner or drinks, you’ll find that there’s always a right song to suit the occasion.

Unlike most bars, February 30 has a delicious array of platters that you simply must indulge in. whether it’s the salmon sashimi or the tuna tataki, these fresh and tasty appetizers will go well with whatever you choose to drink. I was surprised by the attention put into their preparation and how their sauces were so rich with flavor. For those of you who are still feeling hungry, I suggest you try the rich and creamy porcini risotto with some extra parmesan as well as the mouthwatering grilled calamari with a squeeze of lemon juice. Although platters come in small portions, their prices are impressively affordable; so you can basically try out a selection of shared platters without worrying about the bill or getting too full. At this point, even if you feel you have no room for anything else, you can’t leave without savoring the delectable Valrhona chocolate fondant. It’s definitely one of my favorites in Lebanon, and my friend and I were fighting over every bite. I suggest you order this even if you’re not in the mood for dinner; enjoy it with a refreshing cocktail.

This new Hamra address is simply not to be missed, especially because it’s a crowd pleaser and provides for the perfect little evening out; whether it’s a date or fun evening out with friends. It’s certainly on my personal list of favorites, and I can’t wait for my next visit.

Dress code is casual

Price per person including drinks is approximately 30 USD.

For reservation:  +961 76 994 405

If you have been to February 30, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and how you think the venue can improve.