Dalida: Unique and Modern Mouthwatering Lebanese Cuisine

Tucked away in a tight Ashrafieh alley, better known as Rue du Liban, a cozy little venue has just opened its doors to tickle your taste buds with a creative new approach to Lebanese mezze and dishes while maintaining every platter’s heritage.

Dalida, with its warm grey and pink tones, welcomes you to indulge in the unique items on its rich menu in a comfortable surrounding where you feel right at home. The neat seating arrangement constitutes of fixed benches reminiscent of your grandma’s kitchen or a school playground. Rustique wall ornaments add to the homey feel of the venue, which is balanced with sleek modern touches that are found in the choice of cutlery, food presentation, lighting and the bar area, whose horizontal stripes against the bar stools’ vertical lines create quite an appealing focal point. Although small in size, the restaurant’s lighting and colors create a fresh and spacious ambiance where you can sit for hours without feeling any urge to leave.

The food is certainly to be admired and talked about. Each dish is presented in a way that appeals to your sense of sight and smell, making your mouth water for the first bite, which will surpass your expectations. Despite Dalida’s unique twists to the presentation and method of preparation, each dish maintains the signature of fine Lebanese cuisine. If you’re looking for something exclusive and delicious, you simply must try the kitchen’s specialties, including the flavor-filled Basterma Carpaccio with rocket leaves, mint, cherry tomato and pomegranate syrup dressing; the Rkakat Sujuk with a blend of three cheeses; the Lahmeh Ras Asfour Bil Soya, which is a small cut of succulent tenderloin, richly sautéed with butter and soya sauce; the gourmet Shawarma, either beef or chicken, marinated in Dalida’s scrumptious special spices; the Kafta and Cheese, which is arguably one of the best in the country; the Mixed Grill, with the finest quality of beef, chicken and kafta; the signature Gazal Cupcake that has already managed to generate hype among Lebanon’s foodies because of its original gazal and pistachio topping; and the absolute treat for your taste buds, the one-of-a-kind Cheesecake Bil Raha, which will certainly impress your palate with its rich flavor and smooth texture.

Dalida opens from 9 am till 12 am, catering to your breakfast, lunch and dinner cravings. Even with its high focus on taste and quality, the menu prices are surprisingly affordable at approximately 25 USD per person. The delicious lunch menu is at a fixed price of 23,000 LBP. No matter the time of day or day of the week, Dalida will be a satisfying and enjoyable experience for family outings or groups of friends who want to enjoy a fun and tasty meal. It’s one of those places that you’ll congratulate yourself for trying and recommending.

Dress code is casual

Price per person is approximately 20-25 USD.

For reservation:  +961 1 333 306

If you have been to Dalida, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and how you think the venue can improve.