Classic Burger Joint

Pass by Sodeco in Ashrafieh and you will see about a dozen hungry burger lovers waiting outside to taste one of Classic Burger Joint’s burgers. Through the tiny joint’s glass storefront, patrons can see everything happening inside.

Classic Burger Joint serves real burgers, flamed with passion together with their essential side orders of fries, salads and drinks – the basics to enhance that special burger’s experience.
A typical plate will come with a celebrated prime quality beef patty prepared exclusively for each order; served on a soft bun, baked daily in-house, with freshly peeled and cut fries seasoned just for delight.
The friendly ambiance makes it all even more special. This unique level of freshness and personal touch ensures that each bite at Classic Burger Joint leaves a mouth-watering impression. Blending great quality with outstanding value, the homemade luxury burgers transform this timeless classic meal to a whole new level.
A “Burger Joint” is defined, “as a restaurant where hamburgers are honored for their tradition and taste. They are the core item on the menu and the only one! Burger joints have the obligation to serve burgers as a balanced and healthy meal, far from the low-priced, fast-food burger chains meals. This is the place to be for burger connoisseurs.”
Classic Burger Joint promises this experience.