Cezanne Restaurant: A Journey of Extravagance


If you’re looking for an exquisite dining experience, a journey is awaiting you at Cezanne restaurant. The impressive architectural elements, the lighting effects and the deluxe seats and sofas, all set the perfect theatrical atmosphere, which matches well with the mouth-watering international cuisine and the diverse menu. It’s CEZANNE!

Am I really portraying a work of art, a painting or a tangible setting? Well, the famous painter Paul Cezanne was the main inspiration for the creators of the restaurant. His name beautifies and graces the whole idea, the place and the ambiance en bloc.

At this chic yet healthy place all at once, you can choose from the continental buffet or a la carte breakfast, noon energy lunch, or dinner pleasure platters on any day of the week and enjoy a bite of goodness at Cezanne, which is located near the Metropolitan roundabout in Horch Tabet.

The 5-star restaurant is considered to be the devour for all the senses owing to the seasonal ingredients, the fresh farmer’s market, the top-notch professional table service and the smart chefs.

Extravagant Journey

The journey starts from 7 am until 1 am and on Fridays/Saturday it will last till 3am. You can boost up your day with the breakfast buffet, salad bar and plat du jour or take pleasure in having delicious dinner, desserts, fruits and Ice cream cocktails, in addition to wide range of drinks and spirits.

Music Affluence

Music is an important factor in the venue. You can enjoy a huge variety of music and videos covering all types of music to match the different moods of the thrilling voyage. You can choose any song you have in mind … literally!!

Private Elegance

In the upper wine lounge, you can definitely savor the widest selection of drinks including many kinds of wine (mainly local, French, etc), Champagne, Whiskey and other spirits, along with the rich variety of Cheese and Fresh Fruits. It is the perfect spot to held private meetings or gatherings for business people.

Real-time Kitchen

Live cooking is an addition, which can be viewed through the ipad, as well as the option of a live cam that is connected to the kitchen. Besides, the restaurant offers the menu on ipad.

Let me sketch in more details about my personal experience. As I entered the restaurant, I was astonished by the luxury of the surroundings. I was greeted by the staff and the managers with a huge welcome; I was shown to a table in the middle with great views of the inside and the outside. I was given the menus to taste the food and drinks, and then the excitement began. Well, plate after plate came out of the kitchen. Actually, I started the evening with the combo as an entrée, which includes raw salmon, Grilled sticks, Cabbage roll, Shrimp Tempura, Crab rolls & rice, and Pomodoro cold soup; followed by Scottish Salmon Pavé, which was really tasty (it is described by the sea food lovers as the “best of the best”). I was dazzled by the gastronomic delights that Cezanne offers. Truly pure heaven!

Do I recommend this voyage to anyone? Absolutely, Yes!! I really had a good time with my friends and I’m sure you will love the experience too. So if you are in the mood for a fine dining extravaganza, head down to Cezanne at any time of the day!

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”