Burgundy: A Sensation of Paris in Beirut

Are you a fan of the Paris gourmet scene? Burgundy Wine Bar brings that to Beirut in a cozy little restaurant located on Gouraud Street in Saifi.

As soon as I walked in, I noticed how modern the décor is; even the dim lights are a modern day chandelier. The bar stretches out vertically across the venue, and there are less than a dozen tables.

The menu has limited items –typical of a true French restaurant – which could only mean that it is very specialized in what it offers.
Be sure to try the Carpaccio de Saint-Pierre, the crab salad, and the foie gras; although the portions are remarkably small, you will enjoy the intensity of their taste.
The Wagyu beef is definitely the best I’ve had in Lebanon so far (but don’t be too hasty because at 120 USD, it’s quite an expensive platter).
The jarret de veau is another item on the menu that you must try. It is marinated and cooked slowly for an entire day so that it remains succulent and bursting with flavor.

It won’t be too difficult for you to pick what to eat or drink because the staff is impeccable in patiently explaining every item on the menu, in addition to listing off-the-menu items that the chef has so patiently prepared. Before I even felt the need to ask for more wine or for an ashtray, the waiter would already be answering to my every whim.
Thankfully there was no delay with regards to our table or our food.

Wine connoisseurs will love this place; not only because it is a wine bar, but because it is stocked with a broad selection of the finest imported wines from several regions of France (some bottles are priced at 1000 USD).
Although the food is excellent, one is not to forget that the venue is first and foremost a wine bar. The owner, Ziad Mouawad, wanted to emphasize on the quality of every detail in his restaurant. That meant not only serving exceptional wine, but also serving mouthwatering food, having first-rate staff, and fine architecture to complete the experience. The Canadian chef, Brody White, is an expert at French gastronomy, and is not the least bit intimidated at allowing his food to come second to the wine.

Of course, such attention to detail must come at a price, which in my opinion is the only setback to a place like Burgundy. A dinner for two can cost anywhere from 250 to 1500 USD, depending on what you order to eat and drink of course. Although I left the restaurant feeling very pleased with the food, I was not at all happy with the bill. Regardless, it is now my favorite place to dine in Lebanon.

Be sure to be nicely dressed. Gentlemen, don’t forget to wear a chemise and a blazer; ladies, a simple and elegant dress or a blouse with a chic pair of trousers should suffice.

This is a great place to go to if you’re looking for a calm, quiet, cozy dinner; especially on a rainy day. The setting is adequate for an intimate date, or even for a meeting with a business associate or a client.
For those of you who miss small, delicious Parisian restaurants, Burgundy should be your next dinner destination.

Rating: 5/5

For reservation:  +961 1 999 820

If you have been to Burgundy Wine Bar, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and how you think the venue can improve.