Beirut’s new Rocket restaurant brings you a healthy, fresh twist to the traditional Lebanese pita

Rocket Restaurant

Mar Mikhael, Zalka and City Mall in Beirut recently welcomed branches of Rocket, the newest quick service restaurant in the city and the first branded local mass restaurant, a concept that was only known to international brands. Adding a brand new twist to the beloved Lebanese pita bread, Rocket’s menu includes a wide range of sandwich combos that wrap an assortment of appetizing ingredients from all over the world in the deliciously light bread.

Under the consultancy of Chef Maroun Chedid, Rocket menu offers fresh and fast meals at affordable prices, featuring an assortment of pita sandwiches that are both healthy and tasty. Among the diverse dishes on offer, the brand’s popular Rocket Chicken and Rocket Beef Shawarma style sandwiches, Philly Cheese, Tex Mex Fajita and Steak au Poivre, all wrapped in the delicious pita bread, have found a special place in the hearts and palates of its customers.

Boasting an enjoyable ambiance that is as vibrant as its food, Rocket’s interior has been designed by architects Riad Kamel and Nathalie Habr while the complete identity and concept have been created by well-known global branding agency, WonderEight. Slick and striking with an open kitchen, it goes a step further in reassuring customers that their food is fast, fresh and delicious. Additionally, the Mar Mikhael branch of the restaurant enjoys “Hot Seat Window” seats that allow visitors to feast on their food while enjoying the unique street vibe of the area.

Prior to the official launch of the restaurant, Rocket carried out an exciting activity in its inimitable style to build excitement amongst its audience.  The brand created an entertaining game that had people try to launch rockets at various objects and win instant gifts if they succeeded. This game was available on Facebook as well and the brand also deployed promoters with IPAD’s at City Mall and various other locations close to the new outlets asking people to give the game a go.

It is usually such a task to find fast food that’s healthy but with Rocket you can rest assured that the fast food you’re eating here is full of quality and freshness!