Amarres: Fresh and Casual Summer Dining on Zaitunay Bay

Nestled on the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, Zaitunay Bay has been filled with energy for the past few months, attracting people from all across the country who come for the panoramic views, the good food and lively atmosphere.

One place that especially captures all three is Amarres –by the same people who brought us the ever-loved Couqley in Gemmayzeh. Amarres is inspired by the bistros of Cote d’Azur — and its location certainly helps bring that spirit to life.
The décor is simple with a modest refinement to it; this is evident in the little details here and there, such as the table napkins. The staff is friendly, but typically too frenzied and frazzled because of the bay’s constant bustle and rush of customers. The menu is neat, adequate and makes you look forward to trying every item on it. It’s a variety of traditional French specialties, featuring must-have items like the steak tartar with deliciously aromatic truffle oil and the richly flavored mussels and fries. Don’t order too much, because the portions are surprisingly generous for a French restaurant.

There’s no need to get all dressed up; the beauty of Amarres is how it provides food that tingles your palate, while requiring the minimal effort on your part. Be comfortable and happy; make sure to gather up a significant group of friends so you can make an evening out of it. For the afternoons, mark it down on your calendar as your next lunch destination with your family. They’ll certainly appreciate it.

Dress code is casual

Price per person is approximately 50 USD.

For Reservation: +961 1 372 292

If you have been to Amarres, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and how you think the venue can improve.