Abou Shawarma Open Now! Taking Shawarma to the next level!


Its official! Shawarma will never be the same again. Abou Shawarma, a unique shawarma concept, that opened only 5 months ago in the heart of Ashrafieh, has managed to take this much loved regional food to the next level.

From the moment you walk into Abou Shawarma you feel that a thousand more Abou Shawarmas exist around the world. The world-class branding, attention to detail, and carefully planned product offering give you an immediate impression of how much work was put into bringing this idea to life. The staff is friendly and the seating is comfortable, but what blows you away is the food.

First of all, the quality of the food is exceptional. So exceptional you feel it is gourmet. The meat, the large portions, the careful wrapping and presentation, the freshness and cleanliness of the vegetables and the overall delivery are refreshing. Secondly, Abou Shawarma has developed one of a kind and extremely tasty Shawarma options, including Fish Fillet, Halloum (For vegetarians), and Kebab Shawarmas. Finally, Abou Shawarma has managed to change the way Shawarma is served by offering its customers the ability to personalize their shawarmas by choosing from different sizes, bread types, toppings, and sauces (7 unique sauces have been developed to offer the customer choice). Much like Subway and Starbucks, Abou Shawarma gives you the ability to have what you like the way you like it. And its awesome!


One of their latest inventions, for example, (the Kebab special) combines Kebab, coleslaw, and a cherry, creating a unique and wonderful experience.

The young management team of Abou Shawarma, is inspiring and bright eyed about their creation’s possibilities. Franchisees from as far away as the US, Canada, the UK, and Singapore (in addition to the traditional regional markets such as Saudi and the UAE) have already begun courting the brand to expand its footprint.

With an aggressive and creative online social media campaign including an innovative Shawarmagram competition on Instagram, Abou Shawarma seems to be making all the right moves. Its new, healthy, quality oriented, has great pricing, and tastes absolutely incredible.

With all the hype and attention this concept is gaining among the public and global franchisers, this concept is going to go far, very far….