Wardrobe Feng Shui: Help Yourself Climb the Ladder of Success

Fact: Feng Shui (Pronounced fung shway) is in simple terms allowing the positive energy in your surroundings to flow. It’s the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment.

Let’s take a look at your wardrobe and see how some basic Feng Shui practice can liberate you! We all need balance and harmony in our surroundings to grow, and from a fashion and style point of view, the magic starts in your closet.

Have you considered how your wardrobe choices affect your life? Maybe you’re familiar with the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome that looks back at you from a closet full of clothes? Simply, we all tend to stack and house items that eventually share house and closet with us without having a current job description. You need to know that clothes have an expiry date too. They might have served you well in the past decade but are they of any use now? Take a close look, is that prom dress hanging in the back of your closet going anywhere soon? That old suit you bought when you first got a job? Don’t think so. Would you ever wear that fluorescent t-shirt your ex boyfriend loved so much on you in the 80s? Guess not again.

It is quite normal to place emotional tags on many of your clothes and accessories but sometimes you just need to learn to let go… and start over fresh! On the other hand, you may be stacking new items that never seem to coordinate and pull out a signature style! Maybe

First, you need to admit that anything sitting in your closet that doesn’t serve a purpose in your current lifestyle and status should go. Trust me, it feels so liberating doing just that. Call it human nature, but I never had a wardrobe audit where the closet is big and empty enough to contain its inhabitants. As we make our closet hold all our past, present and future dreams, we make sure that we have a memory lane in some corner of the good old past days, a shelf or two of who we are now and boxes piled with hints of where we’d like to be.

You only realize the excess baggage you had been carrying over the years when you start looking at your life from another point of view. Even airports have limits on baggage now. So, let’s start clearing to make space for some serious wardrobe therapy.

The aim of your wardrobe audit is to reflect the present “you” and a hint of where you would like to go in the future. So, for example, if you are a corporate person now, you should see that in your choice of outfits and their arrangement. Do you have the power suits and separates that would take you from the office to the boardroom in style? How about the business dinners on your list? Do you see a number of dresses that can entertain your clients at dinner and reflect your self-confidence? If you can see more casual dresses and shorts, then it’s time to rearrange. You might need to make space as well for items that reflect “you” in the future. Is your aim to climb the corporate ladder? Then throw in some outfits that say you’re in the upper management. Dressing now for the job you want is a sure way to get you promoted.

The same goes for a full time mother. Any suits and business outfits collected from past jobs are just collecting dust now. They won’t take you stylishly to the playground now. You can leave one or two classics that might work for a possible interview in the future, but you sure have to make room for comfortable and trendy clothes that reflect you now, with all the accessories needed to complete your look.

To start the process, pick a time in the day when your energy levels are up and leave any distractions behind. Play your favorite music and light up some scented candles to get you in the mood. Once you’re at it, map your wardrobe into the wearable “love it“ items (serving you now, in your best colors, style and body shape), bearable “maybe” items (might be handy for some errands) and unbearable (old, ill fitted and wrong colors/style). That will give you a clear road map of what to keep and what to let go of.
Next comes your sense of clarity with more space in your wardrobe and a shopping list of the missing items to complement your look! Now is the time to call your girlfriends for some retail therapy. After all, you’ve earned it!