Roger Moukarzel Reveals A New Face of Oriental Beauty

Solidere and Roger Moukarzel present “Jamal” A Photography Exhibition in the “Venue” of Beirut Souks a show that reveals the new face of oriental beauty. Just a couple of days left for you to explore the work of Prolific Lebanese photographer Roger Moukarzel latest portraits in the “Venue” of Beirut Souks.  The exhibition will end on December 21, 2010.

An initiative by Solidere in collaboration with Minime Production, the exhibition baptized “Jamãl” Photography Exhibition, explores “oriental beauty”, revealing this rather conventional theme to the wider public under a new and original format. Combining different photography techniques, the multi-awarded artist, Roger Moukarzel, wraps his work with a touch of mystery allowing beauty to express itself under mixed feminine and masculine figures.

Visitors of the exhibition, accessed from Rue Patriarche Hoayeck or Souk Arwam, will be amazed at the sight of every Moukarzel photograph. Each portrait is by itself a piece of art, requiring a collaborative production process where a team of creative professionals added their unconventional ideas in wardrobe, accessories or oriental hairstyling and makeup for every photo. Just like a theatrical director of Greek tragedies, Moukarzel excels at embodying oriental beauty under a mystic light, whether through portraits of people, Arabian horses or architectural elements.

“Jamãl” is the second Solidere exhibition to take place at the “Venue” of Beirut Souks after “Fashion Daze” held in September 2010. It will occupy 1,300 square meters and will showcase 46 large-scale high quality photographs nested in Neo-Oriental frames and surrounded by Arabic calligraphy.

The event is set to be highly interactive as visitors will get behind the exhibition’s scenes by watching the “making of Jamãl” on 3 large displayed screens. The artist will be moving his studio to the Venue to shoot personal portraits for interested patrons, according to preset appointments (call 03-663688 to schedule).

Roger Moukarzel’s exhibition will be open to the public everyday from 14:00 till 21:00 and by special appointment, featuring workshops, photo-shoots, portrait sessions and live demonstrations.