Michel Khoury: Brings Dream Lottery to Lebanon

Michel Khoury is an entrepreneur who has created a buzz in Lebanon just after a year of moving back to Lebanon from California. He came back to take over and expand his family businesses but in the process, the ambitious Michel set up MK Holding, a company that has gained several achievements in just one year.

Let’s learn a little bit more about MK Holding and what it does. The holding specializes in company acquisition and the importing and distribution of unique global products into the Middle East. So far the brands they exclusively import and distribute include Moscato Rosé, the much revered Luxor Champagne with 24K Gold and the rare Cote Or from Burgundy region.

It also imports and distributes premium alcohol brands to restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs. But that’s not all; MK Holding has branched out into women’s apparel and has signed regional distribution rights to the chic and eco-friendly Ecoist, a well known handbag and accessories brand.

In addition to really standing out this year, MK Holding has announced bigger plans for the New Year, one of which is starting Promotional Dream Lottery Lebanon with the Casino Du Liban.

“Clients of Moscato Rosé, Luxor Champagne and really any of our brands can win tickets for a 5 car lottery draw at the Casino Du Liban scheduled to take place towards April 2011. We are happy to announce that the Casino Du Liban has entrusted MK Holding to hold the Dream Lottery Lebanon contract.

“Our first 2 cars will be the super car  Mercedes SLS AMG and Mercedes CL 63 AMG; both cars are worth at least $365,000 each,” says Michel Khoury, CEO of MK Holding.

Moreover, Khoury explains that “the difference between MK Holding’s Dream Lottery Lebanon and the Duty Free car lottery is that the odds are so much better.  In addition, when you win a car, all you have to do is pay the registration. MK Holding pays all taxes and customs on the cars participants win.”

The company’s ambitions are growing on a daily basis. MK Holding also structured a deal with American Express Centurion Cards. The first of its kind anywhere in the world; clients that hold the prestigious Amex Centurion Card are able to personalize their own bottle of Luxor Champagne, engraved in 24K Gold. Clients who also purchase bottles of Luxor Champagne are also invited to apply to the much sought after American Express Centurion Card. “As for buzz, I think this tops every alcohol brand in the region. The leverage our company has and the personal clients we deliver to have helped us leapfrog our operations in order to sponsor major events around Lebanon and the Middle East, all thanks to our strategic partnerships.

We further ask Michel Khoury:

How do you know the Lebanese and what they like?

I understand the Lebanese personality, basically because I AM Lebanese. My 15 years abroad never affected my passion for Lebanon and my willingness to settle here. The only difference between Lebanese here and Lebanese abroad, is the level of integration of corporate mentality, efficiency, and work ethic you acquire while you work in the US or abroad. In the US, you start off at the lowest level and work your way up. It seems here you just start at the top! MK Holding regards its clients as the turbine that moves the company forward and it strives to understand what our clients want.  We don’t look for the mundane, the boring, nor do we strive to be the mediocre; we look to always be different in everything we do, from the way we treat our clientele, to the exclusive and unique products we import, to always trying to be the best company through continual education and research.

What do you offer clients that’s unique?

We offer clients a chance to explore products that only few are capable of getting their hands on. Our Strategic Development division is able to structure deals such as the Centurion Luxor Champagne deal and MK Holding Dream Lottery Lebanon deal that benefit a wide range of partners we choose to work with. We have a full time Strategic Development division that helps other companies as well, to define and implement ideas such as these.

We expect to grow our alcohol portfolio next year but concentrate on structuring promotional deals that will help us move our products through non-typical channels.

How do you deal with competition?

We deal with competition very well. Our competition is excellent and we learn from them but MK Holding’s strategy is to always be different in everything it does. So far, we’ve done well abiding by this rule. Our competitors that have been around for years have incredible market share but our mission is to share that market with them by providing different products.

How do you see 2011 for you and your company?

We see 2011 as a Golden beginning. It’s been a great year, thank God, and we have a lot to learn, and accomplish for next year. We have a few events we’re working on for this coming summer. This spring, Dream Lottery Lebanon is taking a lot of all our time but our commitment to grow and expand is stronger than ever. I can’t praise my devoted and dedicated team for their passion, energy and enthusiasm to “make things happen” everyday, all day.

More on every brand and project from MK Holding will be highlighted on BNL soon. Stay tuned!