LoL vs. Ahdam Shi

The Lebanese viewers witnessed yesterday the downfall of comedy programs to the lowest standards that could ever reach. The to so-called ‘Joke Shows’ LoL on OTV and ‘Ahdam Shi’ on MTV have declared war on each other in an unprofessional and unethical manner. The two shows are set now to be aired on the same timing on Sunday evening, trying to prove to the Lebanese viewers which show is more popular.

This Sunday shows, began with an open call from both programs to get into a dual with each of them stating ‘we are the no. 1 show, and any other show is not funny‘. Both shows have been using the sex, drugs, and swearing as an attraction for the Lebanese viewers.

Let the Lebanese viewer give you a piece of his mind:

1. Both are not funny anymore, and competing to get the same people and same jokes is not considered innovation but its called imitation.

2. Using fowl language is not funny anymore as we try to raise our children on ethics and good behavior and not LoL and Ahdam Shi..

3. What type of message are those programs trying to deliver? And do not tell us that using drugs and sex is a means of making fun of those who do so..

4. Competition is healthy, but what you are doing is just lowing the standards of TV shows in Lebanon.

5. MTV is one of the leading channels in the Arab world with quality programs such as ‘Talk of the Town’, ‘Deal or No Deal’, and ‘Murex D’or’, and such competition are not even needed. (With all due respect to OTV and its efforts)

All in all, seriously this should stop one way or another, as this is not what represents these two Lebanese TV stations or the Lebanese society at all.