Live2Share “Operation Miles of Smiles”

Live2Share announces the start of its annual today Food-raising month, in the constant struggle towards aiding the less fortunate Lebanese families in overcoming widespread food insecurity and deprivation.

The driving character behind Live2Share’s success is the event that this NGO organizes every end of year.

The idea behind this year’s activity “Operation miles of smiles” is to drive donators to collect receipts acquired during every food purchase and staple them all together in order to form the longest receipt/smile possible.

Once the mission is completed, the stapled receipts will be measured; a picture of each venue’s staff holding their collected receipts will be taken; they will also be awarded a trophy for their heart lead dedication.

The winning staff holding the longest receipt/smile will have their picture highlighted among all the others, in press releases in various magazines and newspapers; as well as online, in social websites like facebook and others.
During this operation, Live2Share will be bringing a daily online update on the receipt length of each venue.

This initiative by Live2Share promises many underprivileged Lebanese families a reliable helping hand to attain the most essential of their needs (FOOD).