Let’s Talk About Sex: Back to Basics

Sex – everyone wants to talk about it, and everyone wants to do it. But why is everyone so ‘sex’-focused? And what kind of sex are they looking for? Generally, when someone says they had or want sex, they are referring to penetrative sex. Maha Nasrallah, sexologist, explains.

Why is one’s sex life defined in terms of how much (number of times and duration) penetration they achieve? Has everyone forgotten all the other sexual and sensual activities one can enjoy sometimes even more than penetration? I think it’s time to redefine the word ‘SEX’.

Kissing can be sexual. Touching and cuddling are sex. Planning a romantic evening that might involve cooking a succulent dish for your partner and dancing, for example, can also be extremely pleasurable. And can we deny the power of simply gazing into each other’s eyes as one of the most satisfying sensual experiences one can encounter?  Have we become so busy and disconnected from ourselves and others that we take for granted some of the most basic yet profound expressions of love for one another?

If you feel your intimate life with your partner is not as fulfilling as you would like it to be, sometimes you should stop, and feel – go back to the basics. Instead of setting your goal as ‘having sex’ or ‘more sex’, why don’t you instead try to ‘make love’ and reconnect? Remember what it was like when you both first met; how exciting even the simple things were and how effortless it was to make an effort. Let’s not forget that love can be expressed in so many ways – sex is just one of them.