Lebanese women aren’t they just dandy!

A Glimpse on what a Lebanese young lady does during the day…

Ladies this might actually interest you. Something to read. Oh no! don’t close the page just yet, this is not a scientific article, not an intellectual one, this is actually about you. YES! YOU and fashion and clothes and hair and make-up and everything you do during a normal 24 hour day. Do not worry you will not be moved to a higher state of mind, and you will not waste your time by reading interesting things, we will not damage your mind by contaminating it with facts. This is pure rubbish! So read on…

Oh and gentlemen anything about ladies I’m sure interests you, no need to push you to read this, although I think you should know what lies underneath that big WIG is only yet another WIG.

But aren’t they just dandy these Lebanese women, they have the right to not read, they have the right to cultivate their beauty instead of their minds, after all they just have too much potential on the outside.

But do not underestimate the power of Lebanese women, for these darlings do not break down in front of a broken nail, they take it to the closest beauty institute that is and just like that, a broken nail is glued and they are up on their nails again. Or was it feet? Yes they do use a lot of their feet too, no not to exercise silly but to shop. Yes shopping! Ding ding ding I think the ladies have just rolled their eyes and called their girls to read, help them read, or just say the word out loud SHOPPING! And I’m going to write it in BIG letters so that the ladies don’t bother by reading the whole thing, they’d just read the words written in CAPITAL.

SHOPPING!!! Yes! Our conservative ladies are not uptight; they just get their orgasm while shopping. SHOPPING! Ohhhh yessss! LOTS AND LOTS OF SHOPPING that 24 hours are never enough. Progressive successive days of just SHOPPING and SHOPPING. Oh yes AND SHOPPING!!!

But when these ladies are not SHOPPING no they are not reading, not watching the news, these ladies are sipping hot chocolate double creamed no sugar “Starbuks” coffee of course! Yes an afternoon of sitting in the coffee shop and just chatting with their girlfriends about their boyfriends, the potential boyfriends, and the X boyfriends. Interesting these Lebanese women are, and of course then comes clubbing, all this time in the coffee shop the women have filled their engines, not with caffeine but with chits and chats that can make their heads turn last till dawn, just in time for breakfast. Zaatar W Zet after a hell of a party seems to be the fashion now. No Lebanese women refuse to go home without having a nice breakfast that makes them head home for some exercise to burn what they made themselves eat for the sake of the fashion. Fashion fashion fashion! Lebanese women are all about fashion, and aren’t they just dandy!

By Noor Harb