How Well Do You Understand Your Man?


When you buy a microwave or a washing machine, it is usually accompanied by a little booklet that helps you understand the product and explain its features. And even then, you might not completely get a hold of how it works. It is even harder if you don’t have a manual to begin with and you are trying to understand what sometimes feels like a foreign being.

As a woman, I deal with men all day long. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend and a coworker. I try to understand them, take care of them, communicate with them, love them, respect them and I want them to do the same with me. When it works, I think men are fantastic and find it hard to live without them. When it doesn’t, I think men are impossible, and that I’d be much better off never having to deal with them at all.

In either case, I think it is about time US women gathered our resources to come up with our own little instruction manual. If a man is entitled to a “little black book” then we should be entitled to a manual on understanding them better. I am going to throw in my first rule in Dealing with Your Husband or Boyfriend Chapter and hope in the following months, we can compile a complete manual in dealing with all the different men in our life. Please e-mail Absolute editor at to contribute ideas and experiences.

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