How to approach a Girl in a Night Club….

The way you approach a girl in a night club may depend a little on what it is you are looking for in a woman. There are no hard, fast rules for how you decide to initiate conversation of a woman you find attractive, it is all connected to the situation. Surely before approaching her you think, ‘is she alone, will she refuse my approach, or will I end up in a fist fight with her boyfriend who happened to be coming back from the bathroom as I saw her…’

So make sure all is clear before making the move and more importantly know what you want out of her before looking for the best way to chat her up. Are you looking for a one night stand, or do you want to ask for her number to call her the next day for a cup of coffee? Decide and take the necessary steps.

Regardless of what you think you want out of a woman the best way to get it is to just approach her as casually and as relaxed as possible.  Be yourself.

One of the easiest ways to get a woman in a night club interested in you is to buy her a drink. You can also ask her to dance with you, or you can tell a funny joke.

Beware however. If you choose to use the funny approach while picking up women, make sure that your jokes are actually funny. You want to attract their interest without them feeling as though you are just giving them a cheesy line.

Women in general like men who are confident, fun, outgoing and at least somewhat physically attractive.  Check your breath smell and make the move.

If you are going to approach a woman in a night club the type of bar you go to makes a world of difference of what type of a relationship you’re looking for. For instance, you may want to appeal to a more trendy women you would want to consider going to more upscale establishments. The drinks may be more expensive in places like these, but you also may find a higher-class variety of women there as well.

Any tips on how to approach a women? Is that enough to get a lady interested in you?