Free Our Tabboule!

The End of the year and Christmas are here… and once again, you are dried out of gift ideas. Everyone has a suggestion… But none is actually what you are looking for. You dread the endless days of bottomless shopping around… Here is an idea for you. How about a book?

One that is a guide – for the travelers out there who just don’t have enough skies to walk under.

One that is a hymn to humanity, collecting positive stories on how Christians and Muslims live together.

One that is about the history of a country. A history with a twist…

For the end of year holidays, be bold, be different, start a new trend or walk in the path of all those who did it before you – promote your own country or promote peace… See those you offer it too look at you with a quizzical expression and thanking you a few days later saying this is a “wonderful” and “unique” book …

“Hyphen Islam-Christianity” has all of the above. But it also is – like a tabbouleh, this renowned salad, what gives a distinctive flavor to a country.

“Hyphen Islam-Christianity” in many libraries and online

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