Breast Cancer Awareness Launches in Lebanon

 The Ministry of Public Health announced the introduction of an official National Committee that will be responsible for the preparation of  the yearly Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns being conducted in Lebanon with an aim to further reinforce the campaign’s core message that educates women on the importance of early detection.

The committee brings together consultants from the public and private sector. Ministry of Public Health, medical professionals from various backgrounds, and Hoffmann-La Roche representatives’ main responsibilities would be to set and develop a comprehensive national media campaign in collaboration with the social, medical and health associations.

“Raising awareness and education about breast cancer encourages early detection and diagnosis amongst women of all ages and encourage them to report any unusual changes and go for screening.” said the Minister of Health, Dr. Mohammad Jawad Khalife. “To achieve consistent message dissemination, an official National Committee is recommended to ensure high level of professionalism and collaboration on all levels of the community all throughout the stages of such a powerful campaign. Together we will beat breast cancer”, he added.

The nation-wide awareness campaign is scheduled to run for three months during the month of October which has been globally proclaimed as breast cancer awareness month with the main focus on endorsing early detection techniques to reduce growing number of fatalities.

The official Breast Cancer Month starts tomorrow, we will have more news on this subject to help you and your loved ones stay ahead.