BNLTop 10: Extraordinary Trees Around the World

The wonderful decorated and lighted Christmas tree has become an iconic symbol of  the Christmas spirit all over the world. But not all Christmas trees are “normal”  we scout the world to get you the most extraordinary trees over the years.

10. Underwater Christmas Tree
The divers of Manila’s Ocean Park installed a beautiful decorated underwater Christmas tree. They surprised their visitors by posing as Santa Claus and mermaids in front of the underwater evergreen, as part of the park’s Christmas show.

9. Christmas Can Tree
Seen from distance, it looks like a traditional Christmas tree, but look closer the tree is actually decorated with 400 empty cans.

8. Upside-Down Christmas Tree
Upside-down Christmas trees are gaining popularity among people who enjoy fun and creative alternatives. The origins of hanging fir trees go as far back as the Middle Ages. Eastern European people hang their trees upside down to symbolize the Holy Trinity. Nowadays, these trees are either attached to the ceiling like a chandelier or placed upside-down in a special tree stand.

7. Teddy Bear Tree

At ABC Mall in Beirut 2010, a huge tree beautifully decorated with bears – the purpose is of course decorate the season beautifully, the second and more important is the fact that every bear is for sale and all proceeds will be given to the Lebanese Autism Association. A nice idea to help create more awareness amongst us…

6. LED Christmas Tree
A 60ft LED Christmas ‘tree’ lighted Dublin’s skyline during the 2008 winter season. It weighted five tons and was made of 100,000 bulbs of different sizes.
5. Swarovski Christmas Tree
Swarovski, one of the world’s leading crystal manufacturer, unveiled also this year some really elegant Christmas tree designs. One of the most glamorous Christmas trees of this year is decorated with over 2000 Swarovski crystal beads. The Christmas ‘tree’ is located at the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in Thailand. You can admire the 2010 majestic Christmas ‘trees’ by visiting one of these locations. Another favorite of mine is the natural evergreen that lights up Zurich’s central station every Christmas since 13 years. It is decorated with over 7,000 Swarovski crystals. The goal of these campaigns and stunning displays is to promote the company’s products and initiatives.

4. Murano Glass Christmas Tree
Italy’s Murano Island  is a glassmaker’s paradise. Treasured for more than 1000 years and distinguished by its intense colors, exquisite designs, and centuries-old blowing techniques, the Murano glass remains one of Italy’s most appreciated contributions to the art world. The tallest glass tree in the world was exhibited in Murano on December 2006 and one year later in front of St. Mark’s Square, Venice.

3. Environmentally Friendly Christmas Tree
One of the craziest Christmas ‘trees’ of the list is the environmentally friendly ‘tree’ created with 5 gallon recycled water bottles and PVC pipes. The goal of the eye-catching display was to raise people’s awareness on recycling. Another interesting Christmas ‘tree’ is Paprika’s Ice Tree made from more than 280 recycled water bottles suspended in the air. The quote one person’s trash is another person’s treasure turns out to be true.

2. Diamond Christmas Tree
The Diamond Christmas ‘tree’ is a magnificent creation is literally worth a million bucks, since it’s one of the world’s most expensive Christmas trees. Encrusted with thousands of dazzling diamonds totaling 913 carats, 3,762 delicate crystal beads and decorated with almost 500 lights,  the ‘tree’ weighted more than 3000 kg. Its value has been estimated at US $1,550,000 in 2007.

The most expensive Christmas tree is actually a sixteen inches tall miniature tree worth $1,800,000. It is composed of preserved roses festooned with precious diamonds. The Christmas ‘tree’ was available to buy at Takashimaya, one of the largest department stores in Singapore.

1. Chocolate Christmas Tree
Isn’t this Christmas ‘tree’ looking…delicious? The French chocolatiers never cease to amaze us with their artistry, passion and colossal chocolate creations.  Patrick Roger, meilleur ouvrier de France, created this year a ten-meter-high chocolate Christmas ‘tree’ to raise money for France’s annual Telethon. The artist and his team worked for one month on this awesome project that weighted four tons. The impressive ‘tree’ was accompanied by legendary Christmas figures such as Santa Claus and his reindeer, all made of delicious dark chocolate. Roger’s idea was to create a winter wonderland, which should please and intrigue both adults and children.