BNL’s Top Five: What you and the world want this Christmas!

With only 12 shopping days left until Christmas – here are some holiday gift suggestions based on holiday search trends according to Google this year. This might help you shop faster or understand the market world wide….

Not your usual Bling Bling
While diamonds are a girls best friend, this year it appears that jewelry boxes and jewelry armoires will be under the tree, with searches up 500%-650% for these two items.

Obviously Consumer Electronics
Just like last year (like every year), blu-ray players are one of the hottest online queries, taking three of the top 10 spots in the last 30 days. Searches for Sony Bravia and Vizio are both up 120% and it appears that 32 inch lcd TVs are hot as well. The Nook is popular in 2010 too, searches for the Barnes and Noble ebook reader are up 130%.

We all Love Toys
Barbie and Lego dominate hot searches for toys in the last 30 days, with the doll icon securing the 1 and 2 spot and Lego claiming five out of 10 spots on the list. It looks like many good girls will get a Barbie Dream House with searches for doll real estate up 800%. Harry Potter themed Lego is the search of choice in 2010, with Hogwarts Lego up 300%. Searches for Pillow Pets have been climbing as well, jumping 600% in the last month

Always on our list: Clothes
Everyone’s favorite, the Christmas sweater is bound to be under a few trees this season, searches are up 700% in the last 30 days according to Google. Searches for slippers are up 70%, watches 60%, with brand names Ed Hardy and Carhartt moving up quickly.

Travel Accessories

Travel is also on the consumer’s mind lately, luggage, messenger bags and briefcases are all double their normal search rates.

What’s on your shopping wish list?