“Helem” Art and Poetry

UNESCO Palace, Beirut hosted the signing ceremony of “…Helem” (A dream), the first collection of poems by Ramzi Azzam illustrated by Ahmed Akl. The greatness of Arabic calligraphy with 22 Hruvijat paintings exhibition inspired by Azzam words created the perfect ambiance for this evening of poetry. Gathering art and poetry lovers, signers, comedians with media representatives from print & broadcast who lived a unique experience celebrating a true fusion of the five senses in a dream-like setting.

Helem is a promising mature addition to the spoken Lebanese poetry and as the experts say poetry is poetry and in any language or dialect its inspiration was translated into. It
is no exaggeration if we consider the Lebanese vernacular poets to be amongst the best poets in the Arab world.

Azzam’s poem is mostly economic, concise with small verses focusing on one concept as if digging rocks for pure cold water. He starts and ends his verse with a couple of words, dividing his poetic thoughts independently, connecting them with one beat. His lines constitute a river of emotions and thoughts moving in the poem flow leaving behind its banks love& beauty painted in a new language, adding to this world a peaceful elegant glowing touch”.

“… Helem” is a collection of 54 patriotic and love poems illustrated with 18 paintings in 147 pages, medium-sized version. It tells the story of the earth, the mother,
the beloved one, the exile with its joys, longing, and sadness in a lyrical language
characterized by its high-musicality.