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The Paperboy

Genre: Thriller

New Release

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, John Cusack

Run time: 1h 46m

Rating: R

Summary: A reporter returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving a death row inmate.


OZ: The Great and Powerful

Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy

New Release

Cast: James Franco, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz

Run time: 2h 7m

Rating: PG

Summary: A small-time magician arrives in an enchanted land and is forced to decide if he will be a good man or a great one.



Genre: Action | Drama | Thriller

New Release

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Susan Sarandon, Jon Bernthal

Run time: 1h 35m

Rating: PG-13

Summary: A father goes undercover for the DEA in order to free his son who was imprisoned after being set up in drug deal.

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