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Genre: Thriller

New Release

Cast:  Ed Harris, David Duchovny, William Fichtner

Run time: 1h 38m

Rating: R

Summary: The haunted Captain of a Soviet submarine holds the fate of the world in his hands. Forced to leave his family behind, he is charged with leading a covert mission cloaked in mystery.



Genre: Crime | Mystery | Drama

New Release

Cast: James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, Rosario Dawson

Run time: 1h 41m

Rating: R

Summary: An art auctioneer who has become mixed up with a group of criminals partners with a hypnotherapist in order to recover a lost painting.


The Colony

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

New Release

Cast:  Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Zegers, Bill Paxton

Summary: Forced underground by the next ice age, a struggling outpost of survivors must fight to preserve humanity against a threat even more savage than nature.


Java Heat

Genre: Crime | Action | Drama

New Release

Cast:  Kellan Lutz, Mickey Rourke, Ario Bayu

Run time: 1h 44m

Rating: R

Summary: A Muslim detective teams with an American posing as a graduate student to find the man behind a series of deadly terrorist bombings in Indonesia.


I Give It A Year

Genre: Comedy | Romance

New Release

Cast:  Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Alex Macqueen

Run time: 1h 37m

Rating: PG

Summary: A look at the trials and tribulations of a newlywed couple during their first year of marriage.


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