Week 2 of 21 Chances to Win with BeirutNightLife.com and Grand Cinemas!

BeirutNightLife.com has teamed up with Grand Cinemas once again, to bring you great prizes!!

To celebrate Grand Cinmas’ new outlet, which is now open at the ABC Dbayeh, BeirutNightLife.com and Grand Cinemas would like to give you some free goodies!

It’s easy. All you have to do is answer the question below and wait to see if you have won…If you don’t win last week, this week might be your week! Don’t forget there is also week 3. It can’t get any better than that!

Each winner will receive 2 tickets to the movies and a Grand Cinemas goody bag on us! At the end of each week, for three weeks, BNL will announce 7 winners…Which means you have 21 chances to win! 21 changes to win question for week 2 is…

**Name the 5 Grand Cinemas locations in Lebanon.

Good luck BNLer’s and we will see you at the new Grand Cinemas ABC Dbayeh!