Pre Screening of Conan the Barbarian at Grand Cinema

On a regular basis Hollywood seems to travel back in time. Classic films are more often then not being recycled and remade to satisfy the new generation. Sadly that leaves little room for innovation and originality, however that’s not to say these re-makes aren’t incredible films.  Recently director Michael Nispel revisited the 1982 movie that made Arnold Schwarzenegger an international star, Conan The Barbarian.

The story sticks to the original. A young Conan was born on a battlefield, cut out of his dying mothers womb, in a gruesome opening scene. Conan was born to be a warrior. Once a young boy tragedy struck once again when his village was attacked and his father was murdered before his eyes. Conan spends his young adulthood searching for his father’s killer, which happens to be Zym, the strongest fighter of their medieval world of Hyboria. Of course a love story is also present in the film. Conan falls in love with a woman who falls into his protection, although I will say that unlike other films Conan’s love story did not overshadow the true story.  Conan reaches Zym and the rest I will leave up to your imagination.

I won’t tell you how the story ends but I will touch on some  positives. Set design and props  where very well made and  realistic. The fight scenes where complete blood baths, which I  love!  You can hear the pain while the sneering villains got  slaughtered. Like all films there are some  flaws, such as  enemies who attack Conan will disappear off-screen while he is  busy fighting  others then simply re-appear when it’s time for  them to be killed, but who really notices those  details anyway  (wink).


If you are into films full of action, aggressive combat, and a  vengeful storyline check out Conan  the Barbarian 3D this  coming week at Grand Cinemas!

BNL would like to thank Grand Cinema’s for the invitation  to the screening of Conan the  Barbarian.