Monday Movie Review: Just Go With It

Danny (Adam Sandler) is a cardiologist who is about the marry Joanna Damon (Minka Kelly) when he overhears her saying she is cheating on him and only marrying him for his money. Devastated, he goes to a bar while still wearing his wedding ring and accidentally captures the attention of a woman who he woos by claiming he’s unhappily married. She is moved by the story and has a one night stand with him. Twenty years later, Danny is still at his old ways but has now changed his practice to Plastic Surgery and is rich and successful. His approach of faking a broken marriage to seduce women backfired when he met a much younger and very sexy Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) at a friend’s party and after long night of romance, she broke it off because she thought he was married. He then tries to woo Palmer by persuading his assistant and best friend Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pose as his cheating and abusive ex-wife, and thus spinning a web of lies that never seems to stop. Katherine is a single mother with barely enough money to raise two children who have been severely neglected by their father, so Danny uses this to his benefit by promising each of them expensive gifts if they help him to get Palmer back. Somewhere along the way, Danny’s plan changes its course and by interacting with Katherine and her kids, Danny has a change of heart.

A hilariously unique cast, including Nicole Kidman, join in on this side-splitting “adventure” from LA to Hawaii where the chaos never ends. You will be in tears throughout the movie as you are taken from one funny scene to the next.

Jennifer Aniston is hotter than ever and outshines every younger woman in this movie. Her children are a hilarious couple, especially her daughter who is quite the character. The chemistry between Aniston and Sandler is electrifying, whether it’s in dialogue or certain awkward moments. Adam Sandler shows us what “funny” is all about, and we see that he hasn’t lost one bit of his sense of humor that made him famous in the first place.

I definitely suggest that you watch this romantic comedy as it is the funniest movie I’ve watched in a while. There’s also a very cute story behind it that could teach every grown up man a little lesson.