Iran Files Lawsuit Against Argo



Iran is filing a lawsuit against Argo, and while director Ben Affleck was snubbed for Best Director at the Academy Awards, hopefully he can at least win this.

The state-run press is apparently going after internationally-renowned lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre. The suit claims the film presented an Iraniphobic portrayal of the historical conflict.

The film was admittedly pro-America, which is a tad surprising considering Affleck’s liberal activism and general anti-war disposition.

But, come on, if you’re gonna sue the guy for a movie, let’s start with Gigli.

That said, Iran really has no legs to stand on here.

Calling Argo propaganda is kind of a laugh coming from a country whose president famously claimed there are no gay people there.

Also, a dangerous precedent could be set here.

If countries can sue movies, the next thing you know, restaurants will start suing iPhone apps, book clubs will start suing sailboats, laundromats will start suing soggy fries.

Slippery slope, people! Slippery slope!