Grand Cinemas’ Avant-Première of “I Don’t Know How She Does It”

Grand Cinemas’invited industry professionals and movie-loving friends to the avant-premièr of “I Don’t Know How She Does It” the latest film staring fashionista and role model to women, Sarah Jessica Parker. The movie also features Pierce Bronsnan, Greg Kinnear, Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn. This film tells the story of a strong woman, Kate Reddy (played by Sarah Jessica Parker), who devotes her days at a financial management company that forces her to travel more often then not. She then comes home to tend to her adoring family. This becomes a non-stop balancing act for Kate. Soon after, Kate is handed a major project at the firm, which she couldn’t pass up. This project came complete with a hectic schedule and a very handsome new business associate Jack (Pierce Bronsnan), who falls for her hectic charm. Temptation is just another item that has been added to Kate’s Plate.  Being that women are strong willed Kate was able to balance her life to be a businesswoman, perfect mother, and devoted wife. Ahhhhh isn’t it easy gals?!

As a special treat for guests the lovely ladies of Vero Moda were present tagging attendees with cheeky, adorable buttons labeled “Mom To Be”, “Proudly A Working Mom” and more, depending on the woman of course. The theatre was packed full of estrogen but I have to say that was a beautiful thing. Vero Moda also provided “A Mothers Love Is As Instant as Polaroid Shots”, souvenir photos for all guests. Continuing the Vero Moda free goodie giveaways all guests were generously given cute make up cases that came complete with nail, dental and sewing kits, a box of Lindt chocolate (a perfect treat for any busy woman).








Although I am not necessarily a fan of movies known as “chicks flicks”, this film was a complete delight. The story was adorable and really exposed how powerful a working mother can be. The struggles to juggle a career while taking care of a family are not few. It showed that a married couple supporting each other equally would end in a life that truly works. I suggest to see this film if you enjoy leaving theaters warm hearted.






Special thanks to Grand Cinema’s and Vero Moda for a lovely evening…not to mention for filling our tummy’s with delicious gourmet oeuvres desserts and POPCORN!!