Congratulations to the Winners of BNL’s Step Up Revolution Contest!

Step Up Revolution
is coming to Grand Cinemas and so are Flash Mob Dancers! The Premiere and performance will be on August 14th at 7:30PM at Grand Cinema ABC Achrafieh…in case you didn’t know teamed up with Grand Cinemas and held a competition to send 18 people to the premiere of Step Up Revolution for FREE!! would like to congratulate the following 9 people (each will receive two tickets), who answered our question correctly and were picked (at random) to be the first to catch, the Hollywood box office hit, Step Up Revolution in Lebanon!

The following names will be given a FREE tickets into the movie premiere…

Samiya Abi Jaoude
Reem Ayoub
Elissa Msallem
Sarah Hakim
Maria Fellas
Kristian afif
Joe Rouphael
Vanessa Daccache
Joelle emmanuel


A big thank you to everyone who participated and congrats to all our winners!

Note: All winners will receive an e-mail confirmation, which will include information on how to redeem the free movie ticket.