Smart ForStars offers in-cinema experience under the stars

Smart is unveiling a unique Sports Utility Coupe concept called Smart ForStars that offers a first-ever integrated video projector.

Who ever said that drive-in movie theaters are dead? The Smart ForStars concept SUC (Sports Utility Coupe) will be unveiled at the Paris Auto Show and will feature a unique drive-in-cinema experience. Daimler could be reaching for the stars by offering an all-electric concept car that is trying to appeal to a whole new target group of urban buyers. The new SUC comes with a new idea of integrating a video projector in the front hood.

This enables a movie to be shown on a blank wall at any time and transforms the Smart ForStars into an “open-air cinema.” Daimler says the compact Smart ForStars is a “communication concept” and offers a “spontaneous cinematic experience” on any free open wall that is available.

The in-hood media player projector can be operated via Bluetooth from any iPhone. Friends can gather underneath the stars and catch a movie and listen to it from a high-quality sound system. There are additional speakers located in the ventilation openings behind the doors and it opens up the compact coupe to offer a true drive-in cinema experience.

The catchy name of the SUC also refers to a tongue-in-cheek reference to the glass roof above the passengers that gives a clear view of the stars in the sky above. The small Sports Utility Coupe only offers seating for two people, but it would make it a cozy setting to catch a flick.

Unique exterior styling

Outside, the Smart ForStars gets some unique styling features like eyebrows above the headlights and a transparent red sun visor above the windshield that gives it a fun look. Daimler says the tail lights can even be opened and a charging socket for the high-voltage battery is found inside the right-hand tail light, and the left-hand tail light has room for a beverage can. The two-seat coupe rolls on 21-inch three-spoke wheels and are wrapped in Michelin sports tires measuring 245/35 ZR 21.

Other notable features include an integrated video camera in place of a conventional rear-view mirror. The Smart ForStars features a smartphone accommodated in a holder at the top of the windshield where the driver can see what is happening on the road behind through the video camera.

All-electric drive

The Smart ForStars that will premier later this month in Paris will feature an all-electric drive with a 60 kW magneto-electric motor from the new smart BRABUS electric drive. The small zero-emissions SUC should be lively and features a top speed of 80 mph.

Urban drive-in movie theaters may be extinct, but the new Smart ForStars will give young lovers a great place to catch a movie anywhere they can find a secluded place to park with a blank wall.

Source: Mercedes-Benz