Nissan Motor brings back the iconic Datsun brand to the Middle East with the launch of two models in Lebanon

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Nissan Motor is bringing the legendary Datsun brand back to the Middle East with the exclusive launch of two models in Lebanon, the on-DO and mi-DO.  Both models make owning a new car an attainable reality for a significant portion of first-time auto buyers.

Launched in 2014 after the brand was globally phased out in 1981, Datsun has sold over 170,000 cars in India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. Making its Middle East debut in Lebanon, Datsun is building on its long-standing heritage where it already enjoys a popular following since Rasamny Younis Motor Company (RYMCO) sold the first Datsun cars in Lebanon in 1967.

“Datsun is an iconic brand with a global heritage that dates back to 1933, a legacy that has seen more than 20 million units sold worldwide in the 50 years when Datsun was a household brand,” said Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun. “The brand today represents a revival of the core values which made Datsun the icon it was in the past while addressing the needs of our modern society. These are making the dream of new car ownership a reality for first-time buyers, providing access and peace of mind to worry-free ownership, while delivering trust through transparency, sincerity and reliability.”

The two models will be available in Lebanon through RYMCO, Nissan and Datsun’s distributor in Lebanon for the past 49 years, and will include the on-DO four-door saloon and the mi-DO five-door hatchback that are designed at Nissan’s state-of-the-art Global Design Centre in Atsugi, Japan.

The on-DO is designed to be a large, authentic and tough family sedan starting at USD 11,900, providing a high level of quality, reliability and competitiveness. The mi-DO is a 5-door hatchback starting at USD 12,900, a stylish car with cool, distinctive and dynamic design to match its reliability and versatility.

The two models appeal to different consumer segments, with on-DO aimed at buyers with family needs while the mi-DO targeting younger motorists seeking fun, dynamic and dependable transport. Both models are built with integrity, feature modern design, quality materials inside and out, and offer excellent ground clearance with plenty of trunk space. Both models also include a host of advanced safety and comfort features as standard and provide worry-free motoring with a comprehensive three year / 100,000km warranty.

“The new Datsun line-up has been specifically designed for the demands of countries like Lebanon where both geographical and economic considerations have an impact on new car buying decisions,” said Samir Cherfan, Managing Director of Nissan Middle East. “The new models address these considerations while providing best-in-class features and high levels of refinement and comfort, coupled with after-sales services excellence by RYMCO, having served Datsun and Nissan customers for over 49 years. Datsun’s global success was underpinned by its promise to make new car ownership a reality for the whole world in the mid-1950s and this promise still holds true today.”

“We anticipate strong demand for both models and expect to secure entry segment leadership in Lebanon within the next 3 years,” added Cherfan.

“The launch of the new Datsun models in Lebanon is a historic occasion for us and marks a 49 year journey, bringing back an iconic brand to the market which gave reason for RYMCO to exist,” said Fayez Rasamny, Chairman and CEO of RYMCO. “Datsun target customers are optimistic young Lebanese ‘risers’ who are shaping tomorrow’s Lebanon, people who are in touch with the world they live in and are aspiring every day to see a better Lebanon and a better world.  Risers appreciate value and quality – hallmarks of this brand since its inception in 1933 – and many are first time buyers entering the market looking for modern design and dependable engineering, which the current Datsun models target. They see mobility as essential to fulfilling their life aspirations and are able to put implicit trust in the brand, backed as it is by a true automotive leader.”

The on-DO sedan price range:

·       Trust (MID) grade (Manual Transmission): USD 11,900 including VAT and Reg.

·       Trust (MID) grade (Automatic Transmission): USD 12,900 including VAT and Reg.

·       Dream (HIGH) grade (Automatic Transmission): USD 13,900 including VAT and Reg.

The mi-DO hatchback price range:

·       Trust (MID) grade (Automatic Transmission): USD 12,900 including VAT and Reg.

·       Dream (HIGH) grade (Automatic Transmission): USD 13,900 including VAT and Reg.

Both models are available for purchase from today.