Mercedes-Benz celebrates the Dynamic New Luxury SUV Range


Mercedes-Benz Middle East and Levant has celebrated the success of its latest SUV range at the ‘Discover 2014’ event in Dubai.The event was designed to demonstrate the ability of the full Mercedes-Benz luxury SUV range to cater to the wants and needs of the modern lifestyle and discover the versatility, capability and luxury of its impressive fleet of off-road vehicles such as the legendary G-Class, versatile GLK-Class, powerful M-Class, and the unequalled flagship 7-seater GL-Class.

The growing popularity of Mercedes-Benz SUVs in the Middle East has seen sales surge to 450% in the last decade, more than double the worldwide growth-rate.

Commenting at the event on the ability of Mercedes-Benz SUVs to meet and complement any lifestyle need, Dirk Fetzer, Director, Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Middle East & Levant said: “Our range of unrivalled luxury off-roaders offer powerful, attractive, capable, versatile and intelligent SUVs that appeal to the lifestyles of a new generation of customers: Customers who question convention and seek only the very best. With so much to experience and enjoy in the Middle East, Mercedes-Benz resolutely delivers on its promise to live the life.”

With an off-road and four-wheel drive heritage of over 100 years, Mercedes-Benz now boasts an unrivalled SUV family designed to give reassuring luxury from each engagement and every angle and delivers peerless performance, fascinating technology, space and refinement across any terrain.

The unequalled flagship seven seater GL: Built around the modern family

Comfort, safety, elegance, efficiency – the flagship GL-Class from Mercedes-Benz demonstrates leadership qualities in all the decisive SUV disciplines, boasting value that makes it an easy choice for those wishing to invest in the very best. The award winning large size SUV occupies the top position amongst luxury off-road vehicles and is built around the modern Arab family with its seven seats, best in class engines, powerful performance, space, refinement and cutting edge technologies.

The powerful M-Class: Performance meets sophistication

The embodiment of versatility, capability and luxury combined, the new M-Class from Mercedes-Benz sets a new benchmark in the premium segment. A completely redesigned and powerful new bold car, the dynamic AMG sports styling as standard. With three potent engine options, unparalleled ride comfort, and cavernous, high-quality luxury interior, the new M-Class confidently conveys intent to meet performance with sophistication.

The versatile GLK: Comfortable in any situation

The Mercedes-Benz GLK displays its full credentials on- and off-road. Its claim to leadership of the compact SUV segment underscored by trailblazing assistance systems, engine matching efficiency with agility, a new design and an extended range of equipment. The newly designed exterior lends the GLK added dynamism. The body combines classic elements of all-terrain vehicles with the design idiom of the current Mercedes-Benz models portraying sophistication and comfort.

The legendary G-Class: An enduring off-road icon

High tech for the AMG off-road classic: the G 63 AMG impresses with state-of-the-art drive technology and expressive design for an enduring off-road legendary experience. Every new AMG high-performance vehicle offers an outstanding mix of “more power from less fuel” – and the G 63 AMG is no exception. The “strong man” in the AMG model range has been further enhanced with the state-of-the-art powertrain of the new ML 63 AMG. The design has been comprehensively reworked, so that, for the first time in the 33-year history of the G-Class, AMG customers can enjoy a raft of future-oriented systems.