New Maserati showroom opens in Dora, Lebanon


G.A. Bazerji & Sons, the exclusive importer of Maserati in Lebanon, celebrated the grand official opening of its new Maserati showroom in Beirut located at Tannous Tower on Dora Highway (Jisr area) .

Loyal customers, media and VIPs got together to celebrate as well Maserati’s 100th anniversary – the centennial celebration of a well-established luxurious brand.

Mr. Nabil G. Bazerji, Managing Director of G.A. Bazerji & Sons, stated “Maserati models are indisputably deemed one of the most stunning cars of all time.
With our new easily reached showroom, being closer to the Maserati service facility, we can provide our clients with an unrivalled personalized customer service.”

Maserati’s Sales in Lebanon soared by 68 percent in 2013 following the successful launch of the new 6th generation Quattroporte, Maserati’s flagship. The success story continued in the first five months of 2014, where sales grew by 136 percent driven by the introduction of the new Maserati Ghibli. “In 2014, we target at doubling our sales volume and yet numbers remain very exclusive in the Lebanese market”, Mr. Nabil G. Bazerji added.

Mr. Umberto Cini, Managing Director – Maserati Global Overseas Markets, announced that “Maserati is celebrating a milestone with new models as well as strong investments into our infrastructure; Maserati has stepped onto the world stage. We would like to thank G.A. Bazerji & Sons for their loyalty and commitment to Maserati and their significant investment in this grand new facility in Lebanon.”

Today, Maserati maintains its luxury brand positioning with 15,400 units sold in 2013, an increase of 148% compared to 2012,

Hundred years have passed and Maserati keeps operating with the same drive and standard: the passion of making first class cars that are far from being ordinary!