Imagine The New Cadillac CTS As A Coupe in 2014


The new Cadillac CTS made a splash in New York. It’s classy. And it’s got legit, walk-the-walk muscle thanks to the new twin-turbo V6. But the new CTS means it’s almost time to say goodbye CTS Coupe, which is aging well, especially in ridiculous CTS-V trim.

So naturally, it’s time to place the cart solidly before the horse and ruminate on how the new CTS would look with two fewer doors.

Thanks to Theo Chin, we have something to look at. And it’s good. A no-brainer, even. The resurgence of the personal luxury coupe at Cadillac shouldn’t summarily end now. Not when they’ve already whetted the appetite. This with the 420-horsepower turbo? Yes, please.

Coupes are cool. They always have been. Here’s hoping the new CTS spawns another one.

14ctscoupe3 14ctscoupe2