Harley-Davidson Launches its Dealership in Lebanon

Lebanon has become one of the major hubs for Harley-Davidson in the region with the opening of its showroom in Beirut on September 23, 2010. Inspired by the passion of 800 bikers across the country- being the biggest community of riders in the region – The Harley-Davidson Motor Company has chosen the city to cater for the needs of a growing community of enthusiasts in Lebanon.

Managing Director of Harley-Davidson Strategic Growth Markets, Mr. Stuart Farrell says: “Harley-Davidson appeals to people in Lebanon and the region because it offers a chance for them to demonstrate their individuality. It’s a brand that offers a lifestyle bringing together passion, power and an iconic style. In the last decade, Harley-Davidson has been embraced by more and more people in the region and the new store in Lebanon is a reflection of that regional success”

Interest in Harley-Davidson has long thrived in the Levant. The company first opened a showroom in Lebanon more than 70 years ago to support the growing number of riders there; and with an investment of $2.5m for the new outlet the place will be offering the latest Harley-Davidson equipment, and bikers will have a revived opportunity to engage with the sport and fellow riders.

“There is no doubt that Harley-Davidson will thrive in Lebanon creating a successful business as more and more people discover a relevant lifestyle that sets free an individual. It’s great to operate a business where the objective is to fulfill dreams! For us, Lebanon represents a country that is renowned for its passionate people, the dramatic scenery and the wonderful climate. There can be few places better to enjoy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and our initial experiences point to it being a wonderful place to do business, and if we can stay and enjoy some leisure time on a Harley then so much the better!” says Paul de Jongh, Country Manager – Harley-Davidson MENA

Marwan Tarraf, the owner of the dealership, explained how the showroom will provide a number of services. He said: “The new showroom will offer bikers in Lebanon everything they need to maintain their bikes. Advice, parts, latest bikes, services and technical support will be available so that our riders in the region no longer have to go through the inconvenience of ordering in from abroad”.

“The showroom will also serve as a base to run tours and events. This will bring bikers together and help them to engage with the Harley-Davidson community, as well as learn new ways to make the most of their bikes on the open road.”

The Harley-Davidson Beirut Lebanon Showroom is located in Kantari, Michel Chiha Street.