First Ever Ferrari World Theme Park

Prepare to step into a world of passion, culture and style when the much anticipated Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opens its doors on October 28th. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the world’s first Ferrari theme park and largest attraction of its kind.

“Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will offer an exhilarating experience for families and fans alike which they will cherish forever,” said Andy Keeling, Park Manager of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

With more than 20 rides and attractions lying beneath the iconic 200,000 m2 red roof, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will offer guests the time of their lives with a host of attractions that indulge the senses in ways never experienced before. With eye-catching surroundings, authentic aromas, distinctive sounds of Italy, and of course the thrill of some of the world’s most inventive rides, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will have something on offer for everyone.

“There’s more to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi than the thrill of speed racing and powerful cars,” says Keeling. “The park celebrates Ferrari’s past and present, and pays homage to its Italian roots in a bespoke and innovative way, from the stunning structure through to the attractions and various experiences offered.”

On entering the park, guests will first be struck by the sheer scale of the interior structure spanning 86,000 m2. They will walk into a dream world of colorful landscaped areas representing the breath-taking Italian countryside, with dazzling general views of many of Ferrari’s most iconic cars beautifully showcased throughout the park. The enormous crystal-glazed funnel at the heart of the park is the centerpiece if the world’s largest indoor theme park.

“There’s a spectacular surprise for guests at each corner inside Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, whether in the creative interiors, sophisticated concepts of the rides, or the mind boggling technology and history showcases,” added Keeling.

Ferrari Tales
When Enzo Ferrari adopted the Prancing Horse emblem in 1923 in honor of Italian war hero Count Francesco Baracca, he would never have imagined that it would grow to be one of the world’s most iconic and globally recognizable symbols.

“Few brands in the world are capable of eliciting such strong reactions of passion and fervor,” said Keeling. “Each and every attraction at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi tells a piece of the legendary Ferrari story; the powerful cars, the racing triumphs, the technical innovation and the authenticity of the homeland that embraces all that rich history.”

Through unique and innovative attractions such as Galleria Ferrari and Made in Maranello, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi celebrates the passion, excellence, performance and technological innovation so synonymous with Ferrari. Galleria Ferrari will be the world’s largest Ferrari gallery outside Maranello with an interactive display of cars from 1947 through to the present, while Made in Maranello offers a unique opportunity to go behind the doors of the famous Ferrari factory in Maranello; a privilege previously only enjoyed by Ferrari owners.

Unique Family Experience
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience for all members of the family, with a range of attractions which parents and children may enjoy in equal measure.

Adults and children of all ages can enjoy the famous sites and sounds of Italy as they soar above the picturesque Italian countryside through mountains, villages, vineyards and forests on Viaggio in Italia. Families can also escape into the fantasy world of ‘Nello’ at Speed of Magic, as the mischievous racing driver leads them on a fantastic 4-D adventure through deep green jungles to icy caves and ravines; from the bottom of the ocean to the mouth of a fiery volcano; through settings where no Ferrari has ever gone before.

Families will be dwarfed by the oversized components of the V12, where they will ride through the grill of a Ferrari 599 and marvel at the intricacy of the engine before being fired out of the exhaust.

Youngsters will be able to get their first taste behind a wheel at the Ferrari Academy, the two part driving and racing school complete with junior race track and driving circuit. Children will learn their driving skills on the roads of Junior GT before stepping up to race in Ferrari F1™ cars at the Junior Grand Prix.

Younger children will love the Junior Training Camp; the interactive soft play area where they will engage with a waterless car wash, become a custom ‘constructor’, climb up the grandstand, pilot remote cars, paddle their own miniature Ferrari and play with an F1™ car made entirely of soft, child-friendly foam. This ‘kid’s zone’ is conveniently located in front of the Espresso Rosso cafe, allowing parents to watch their children whilst enjoying the taste and aroma of an authentic Italian macchiato.

True F1™ Experience for Fans and Thrill Seekers
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a must-visit for F1™ fans and thrill seekers with a range of high octane attractions designed to please even the most ardent adrenaline addicts and speed demons.

Those who wish to start their Ferrari World Abu Dhabi experience in top gear will get their adrenaline fix at G-Force blasting through the red roof, before being dropped from a hair-raising height of 62m. After a truly turbo charged Ferrari experience, guests cannot go past Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster with a lightning bolt top speed of 240km/h. Dare devils can indulge their competitive streak on the Fiorano GT Challenge, where two F430 Spider coasters will battle for dominance on the track.

F1™ enthusiasts will be able to live out their dreams of riding tandem with racing champions as they skid through tight corners and spin through wet surfaces in one of the planet’s most powerful cars at Driving with Champions. They will also be offered an opportunity to be part of the pit crew and experience first hand the energy, excitement and intensity that goes behind the scenes of the world’s most prominent Grand Prix races at the Paddock. Fans can also dictate race day by choosing the tactics and strategies at the interactive Pit Wall.

Authentic Italian Dining
Ferrari is a quintessentially Italian brand so the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi experience would not be complete without great food. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will offer a range of Ferrari inspired restaurants and cafes serving guests exclusive Italian dishes with a true taste of Italy, including Mamma Rossella; a traditional family style Italian trattoria and Cavallino; an elegant dining a la carte restaurant devoted to offering mouthwatering Italian delicacies.

Interactive Shopping Experience
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi houses two unique retail outlets, the world’s largest Ferrari store and a unique ‘past and present’ store, complete with a recreation of Enzo Ferrari’s first garage. The products on offer range from custom made remote control Ferrari cars to exotic gifts handcrafted by Italian artisans. Guests will also enjoy the unique Ferrari boutique where they can create their personalized souvenirs at innovative interactive zones.

“There are few leisure destinations in the world that can offer the awe-inspiring attractions Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has in store for its visitors,” concluded Keeling. “Ferrari owners and drivers have enjoyed the distinctiveness of this aspirational brand for decades; now it’s everybody’s turn to experience it! We look forward to welcoming families, fans and enthusiasts from all over the world into the incredibly enthralling Ferrari experience at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, from October 28th onwards.”