Bassoul-Heneine Launches the all new Renault Captur, the Urban Crossover

Renault Captur

The Renault Captur is the result of all of Renault’s expertise in a single vehicle. It combines the practicality and interior space of an MPV, the personality and robustness of an SUV, and the dynamism and driving pleasure of a sedan.

The Perfect Mix

Conceived and inspired by Renault, the French group’s latest addition, Captur, regroups the best elements of an MPV, an SUV, and a sedan. Key benefits include its large boot, family sized interior, myriad storage spaces, high ground clearance, large wheels, a sedan-like driving positioning, and variable assist power steering.

A Customizable Vehicle

The Captur embraces the new trend toward customizable vehicles with its two-tone color combinations for the body, roof, wheels, or upholstery. The customization options are simple, varied, and of the highest quality to answer any and all desires Renault clients may have.

Innovation and Performance

An expressively styled vehicle, the Captur is equipped with removable and washable upholstery, as well as its large “Easy Life” storage drawer, which is comfortably within reach of the driver.

The engine is turbo compressed, downsized, and of the latest generation of engines: 5.4 L/100 KM. The vehicles are equipped with a 100% automatic dual-clutch transmission, available from launch with the TCe 120 engine. The automatic six speed transmission EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) guarantees a comfortable, easy, and responsive driving experience.

The Captur also offers on option an innovative multimedia feature – the Media Nav – with its 7” tactile touch-screen, a radio, a hands-free Bluetooth connectivity kit, audio streaming, USB jack, and a mapping system.  Navigation options are tactile, displayed in 2D or 3D, and highly intuitive to use.

Economical and Reliable

It is a car that’s pleasant to drive with low fuel consumption and restrained running costs. Its safety and security systems, both passive and active, are of a high level from this first launch. Euro NCAP, which evaluates the security and safety performance of the most sold cards in Europe, allocated the Renault Captur with five stars for its safety assist and the protection it offers to passengers – both adults and children – and pedestrians.

Reliable, performing, customizable, compact, and modular, the Renault Captur is the end-result of expert workmanship and gathers together all the qualities of an urban crossover to precisely answer the needs of drivers.