A unique opportunity that combined the past, present and future

As part of its customer loyalty program, T. Gargour & Fils organized a trip to Stuttgart, Germany for a select number of its commercial vehicles customers to introduce them to the Mercedes-Benz trucks and passenger cars factories.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Cesar Aoun, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz and smart at T. Gargour & Fils, said, “We arranged this visit to give our valued commercial vehicles customers the opportunity to live the true and special Mercedes-Benz experience.”

The tour aimed at introducing the visitors to the Woerth plant which specializes in the production of Mercedes–Benz commercial vehicles where they were fully briefed on all of the stages of production and assembly. The factory, founded in 1960, produces a wide range of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles including ‘Actros’, ‘Axor’, ‘Atego’, ‘Econic’, ‘Unimog’, and ‘Zetros’.  In 2008, the factory further expanded to include a new department that develops the trucks and subjects them to different tests and trials. Furthermore, in 2009, the factory began production of a new class of commercial vehicles, the environmentally friendly ‘Econic NGT’.

Customers continued their tour by visiting the Sindelfingen plant, which is Daimler’s largest factory, and which includes a dedicated research and development center specifically for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The tour also enabled the visitors to enter the amazing world of automobile and vehicle production as they personally witnessed the manufacturing and installation process of the different vehicle parts from start to finish, and further examined a large number of robots that were assembling and putting together the different mechanisms.

In addition, the customers got the chance to visit the one and only Mercedes-Benz Museum which archives over 125-years of motor vehicles history since the beginning of its manufacturing date up till today. This once in a lifetime experience stunned the guests as they realized that they were in a place that reflected the past, present and future mirrored by a modernist philosophy underlying the museum’s geometric space.

Mr. Aoun concluded, “Throughout the trip, our guests were stunned by the employees’ accuracy at the Mercedes-Benz plants. Mercedes-Benz is a brand that values quality, safety and security and has a vision to maintain its leading position now and in the future.”