Who’s Your Daddy? Kifa Immak?

You know you want it! The Actors Workshop gives you what you need . . .

. . . And in its tradition of closing each training cycle with a public showcase, 12 fresh, innocent and newly trained members will take their final initiation test before graduating from Acting Boot Camp and entering into the harsh, cold world where you have to sell what you’ve got to get by . . .

Led by their taskmaster, Jacques Maroun, Founder & Artistic Director of the Actors Workshop, Beirut, they will give us their take on relationships in Who’s Your Daddy? Kifa Immak?

Venue: Theatre Monnot
Date: April 12-15
Time: 8:30 PM Sharp
Ticket Price: 20,000 LBP

For reservation, please call: 71 387001

Be There!