Waterfront City – Own the Horizon

The much-anticipated grand-scale master plan development to line the waterfront stretch has been revealed at the Boat Show 2011, which took place from May 18 to 22, and it is called Waterfront City. It is confirmed that the project will be the product of a strong joint collaboration between Ste Joseph G. Khoury et fils holding and regional developer Majid Al Futtaim Properties. The opening ceremony of the Boat Show 2011, was hosted by Waterfront City, with an upbeat display of models and a live band, making their way around the guests.

With strong presence at the Boat Show this year, Waterfront City stood out, with its concept stands, mirroring the feel of the project. Around the venue, sailors, dressed in blue and white costumes roamed around, tipping off the attendees that the project will have the Marina stretch heavily integrated into its master-plans.

Upon the opening of the Boat Show event, a Waterfront City band made its way around the Marina Club stretch, with a team of 8 musicians playing different instruments, sending rhythmic beats around the site. Accompanying them were breath-taking models, who were dressed as sailors, waving to the crowds which gathered around them.


Throughout the Boat Show, hostesses dressed in sailor outfits too, distributed postcards to all the attendees, revealing little information about the project.

Information on the much-awaited upcoming project, said to be launched in June, has been unfolding, in light of the recent developments by the waterfront.

Development firm Majid Al Futtaim has recently been part of the launching of several iconic projects in Lebanon, of which Beirut City Centre, is set to bring a new shopping experience and raise the bar and overall value of the Hazmieh region.

Additional information on Waterfront City is expected to be announced in June, and can be found on the website: www.waterfrontcity.com