Tire Bouchon: Bringing Delicious Italian Wines to Lebanon

Tire Bouchon SAL, aiming to offer the best Italian wine selection to the Lebanese market, honored its clientele and friends by organizing a professional tasting at Pasteur on May 2, hosted by the export manager for Arcipelago Muratori, M. Giovanni Bresciani. The tasting focused on Tire Bouchon’s imported Arcipelago Muratori labels.

Bresciani started by introducing the Arcipelago Muratori project; its uniqueness and its viticultural attitude. The objective of this experience is to introduce new and unique wines to the Lebanese market through elite restaurants.

Born in 1999, the Archipelago Muratori has combined the entrepreneurial experience of a Lombardian family, the Muratori brothers, who ran a successful textile company, with the highly scientific and technical preparations of the creator and production manager of the Archipelago, Francesco Iacono, Agronomist and winemaker.

Archipelago Muratori covers 170 hectares across Franciacorta, Maremma Tuscany and Campania, where a variety of grapes are used for winemaking with the minimal use of chemicals, preserving the traits of each territory and bringing the purest expression of Italian wine from each viticultural area. The choice to produce one type of wine for each area is the true innovation: the vineyards are planted based on the varieties that originate from each zone. It is a very natural type of viticulture thanks to a unique experiment in which microbiological consortia were established to increase the health of the plant and grapes, thereby eliminating the need for fertilizers and herbicides. All this has been done to create a healthy environment for the plant, the grape and the consumer.

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