The New ILA Treatment at the Phoenicia Spa

The luxurious Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut constantly finding new ways to lavishly indulge you, is launching its new ILA Spa treatment. The ILA treatment, combined with the sensuous Phoenicia Spa, takes you on relaxing and rejuvenating journey away from the stress and pollution of the city to revitalize your body and mind. The unique philosophy of the ILA Treatment combines nature’s elements with the latest technology and highly trained professionals to deliver intense results.

The organic ILA Treatments stimulate the lymphatic system, massage the vital points to stimulate the flow of energy, and energize the body by using the light technique. The products are organic, vegetable, or mineral based with no added chemicals or preservatives; they are even edible.

With summer and the beach season approaching, I tried the ILA Treatment consisting of a body scrub with Moroccan Argan oil and natural salts from the Himalayas containing negative ions that balance out the positive ions in our bodies – this detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin while scrubbing away the dead particles, leaving your skin silky smooth and luminous. This is followed by an algae and mud wrap that replenishes lost minerals to the skin while restoring its natural softness. A facial is done too, with natural Indian rose water cleansers and oils. After these layers are washed away, a special balm is applied all over the skin to sustain the smoothness and absorbed minerals. This 90 minute experience left me immensely relaxed while feeling completely refreshed. My skin felt absolutely wonderful with a lovely glow.

I highly recommend this treatment at least once a month, especially during the summer season, for softer, more beautiful skin and for a deeper, more even tan.

For an afternoon’s escape from every day stress, don’t forget to book one of the following treatments so that you can bring your skin back to life and intensify your beautiful glow. For booking, call 01 369 100

Bio-rhythm Treatment:

Restores the body’s natural bio-rhythms and deeply relax the nervous system. The energy scrub and mud wrap contain high levels of minerals in an ionic form which as they become warm emit a large amount of negative ions, charging and restoring the bio-magnetic energy field. A head and face marma massage is given while the guest is cocooned. The treatment ends with a Kundalini back massage to balance the nervous system and chakras.

Duration: 120 min



Kundalini is the dormant energy at the base of the spine – when awakened; it travels up the spine to the third eye leading to increase energy and spiritual enlightenment. This treatment is deeply soothing, relaxing and balancing the whole nervous system.

Duration: 60 min


This treatment works on stimulating and balancing the solar {sun} vitality, through marma massage, lymphatic drainage and applying Himalayan herb poultices

Duration: 90 min