Suggestions for a Fun First Date Around Lebanon

Last week, we asked you what you would choose for your ideal first date, and as promised, we conjured up a few suggestions.

It doesn’t matter where you go on a first date as long as it’s public and gives you both a chance to talk and find out more about each other. First dates should be cool, fun and simple. If the setting is too pretentious, you’ll both feel uncomfortable and won’t be able to interact with ease. Make sure to pick a place that’s not too intimate, not too far and not too noisy. Clubs are a very bad idea for a first date because the atmosphere is always very sexually charged, distracting and noisy. It’s also not a good idea to stay in to watch a DVD while ordering food. This is something that should happen later on, if the relationship progresses.

If it’s an evening date, it’s nice to start off with a casual dinner at a restaurant in Gemmayzeh. That way, if the date’s going well, you can walk to the nearest bar and continue the evening with a drink. Make sure you don’t go to a fine dining restaurant because it may feel like too much too soon, or too intimate. Dinner generally gives you the chance to talk for a couple of hours without being interrupted, while studying the other person’s manners; from the way they eat to the way they interact with the waiter.
Other great choices can be found on Uruguay Street, where you can enjoy good food in a cool atmosphere with lively music that’s not too loud.
The whole point is to combine tasty food and fun conversation in a laid back atmosphere where you can linger and have a drink afterwards instead of feeling the need to rush out.
If you choose to dinner in one place and drinks in another, make sure you pick a bar that’s not too noisy or packed; somewhere where you can still hear each other while enjoying the vibe around you. After all, the atmosphere of the place either makes or breaks the mood – so too quiet is just as bad as too noisy.

Suggested places for dinner in Beirut:
Couqley, Gemmayzeh
Margarita, Gemmayzeh
Alcazar, Gemmayzeh
Zucca, Uruguay Street
Cassis, Uruguay Street

Suggested places for drinks in Beirut:
February 30, Hamra
Cherry on the Rooftop, Hotel Le Gray
The Roof, Four Seasons Hotel
Dictateur, Mar Mikhael

Also, since the warm season is back, it would be a great idea to have a sunset drink and some finger food at outdoor places with a nice view. It could be a rooftop bar, a terrace, a beach or poolside bar – as long as it has a nice view and relaxing music.

Suggested places for Sunset drinks in Beirut:
Iris, Annahar Building
Square, Mövenpick
La Plage, Minet el Hosn
Riviera, Raouche

In case you’re more into engaging in activities that you may both enjoy, try renting a bike during a cool sunny afternoon and discover new corners and alleyways of the city together. Not only is it super fun, but you could also discover a new café to have lunch in during the process.

Suggested places to have lunch in Beirut:
Sweet Tea, Beirut Souks
Cosmo, Zaitunay Bay
Fiona’s, Saifi

If you’re bored of the Beirut area and want to venture to another city, head to Byblos where you’re guaranteed to have the most charming afternoon. Walk around the souks, admire the old houses, take a stroll down the corniche, and have lunch at one of the charming souk restaurants or one of the seafood places on the port. You can also go on a cruise on one of the old boats on the port. It’s not very lavish or charming, but it’s certainly interesting.
If you like the Byblos idea but choose to do it during the evening, you can still enjoy so much in this energy-filled area. You can dine in the souk or the port and walk over to one of the many fun bars around the souks. The vibe is amazing and the crowd is very relaxed, so you’re sure to have a very enjoyable evening.

Suggested places to eat in Byblos:
éCafé, Edde Yard, Byblos Souks
Bab el Mina, Byblos Port
Al Azrak, Byblos Port
Pepe’s Byblos Fishing Club Hacienda, Byblos Port
Locanda, Byblos

Remember, keep it simple on the first date, and don’t go too out of your way or you’ll look desperate. You should still put the effort into planning something nice though, just make sure it’s something you’ll both be comfortable and happy with.

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions.