The street of Mar Mikhael danced as local bands, Postcards and Safar, performed on a balcony last weekend!


For a good hour, & while bar-hoppers, passers-by, and bystanders were enjoying their Friday night in the ever-vibrant Mar Mikhael, a unique musical collaboration premiered for the first time.

Artists from different backgrounds took on the crowd, the streets, and two residential balconies for the night, despite an unexpected rainfall.

The soothing vocals of Postcard’s Julia, and Safar’s Maissa, were heard by hundreds, while the bands performed on parallel balconies on top of an old garage and fruits and vegetables market.

The fourth in a series of impromptu gigs, dubbed Vertical Stage presented by Red Bull Music Academy Radio Quarter Tone Frequency around lively nightlife hotspots, Mar Mikhael was surrounded by happy vibes as people danced all night long!

When and where will the next Vertical Stage take place? Stay tuned and don’t forget to look up!