Solidere Marina: A Contemporary Image

Part of the Lebanese government’s vision for a new downtown, this development uses reclaimed land to create a contemporary image for the city. The design utilizes the strong axis anchored by old Beirut and the recognizable clock tower and extends it towards the sea with a variety oflow-scale Mediterranean mixed-use buildings.

As the development approaches the coastline, the buildings become more modern with larger, contemporary skyscrapers consisting of hotels, offices and residences centralized around a harbor and beach area. The jewel of the development is a new convention center, retail mall and two iconic 75-story towers. Reaching toward the sky, these towers serve as a symbol of prosperity for Beirut.

These included the Beirut (western) Marina, a breakwater and a two-line defense structure, with the eastern marina planned in Phase Two of the BCD development.

The defense structure:
Submerged reef as first defense line extending 100 m seawards along the full extent of the Corniche – 80 reinforced concrete caissons, each 17.5 m wide, 27.75 m long and 10.5 m high, as second defense line. The superstructure provides two-level promenades over 1.3 km. Backfilling behind them provides a stabilizing bond and a third promenade, 5.5 m above sea level.

Design features: seafront construction below 5.5 m allows sea views from the city center; public access right down to the beach; three-level promenade over the caissons.