Nuit Blanche Opening: A Gorgeous New Event Venue

Nuit Blanche, the newest venue in town for weddings and special events, opened its doors in Dekwaneh on February 10, presenting a new upscale indoor and outdoor event experience.

The grand opening began at 7 PM, welcoming and impressing guests, including future brides and event professionals who toured the venue while being briefed by the hostesses and enjoying specialty cocktails, canapés and the live performance.

Managed by Imane Sawaya Farhat, Nuit Blanche features a timeless and intimate atmosphere in a newly built facility that includes multiple event spaces (indoor, outdoor, rooftop, lounge area, nuptial area, welcome area) catering to the size, budget and needs of any event; from weddings, corporate events, fashion shows and anniversaries, to christenings, graduation parties, cocktail parties and more.

“I am so honored and excited to have you all here and would like to thank all our partners and friends who turned this dream into a reality. So we can all share enjoyable and memorable events”, says the owner, Mrs. Imane Sawaya Farhat.

For more information about special events, weddings and corporate outings at “Nuit Blanche”, please visit: